‘MY GOD’: Daily Caller’s scoop on Ali Watkins and James Wolfe could spell BIG trouble for BuzzFeed

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As Twitchy told you last night, the DOJ seized phone and email records of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins in relation to an investigation into Senate intel staffer James Wolfe, who has been charged with leaking to the press. See, Watkins was reportedly romantically involved with Wolfe.

But just in case you thought the plot couldn’t get any thicker … buckle up. Because before working at the New York Times, Watkins was a reporter at BuzzFeed. Last night, BuzzFeed’s editor in chief Ben Smith said he was “deeply troubled” by the DOJ’s “interfering with” Watkins’ “constitutional right to gather information about her own government”:

Read more: https://twitchy.com/sarahd-313035/2018/06/08/my-god-daily-callers-scoop-on-ali-watkins-and-james-wolfe-could-spell-big-trouble-for-buzzfeed/

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