Ivanka Trump Is Getting Called Out For Her Reportedly Hypocritical Clothing Company


The first daughter continues to come under scrutiny.Ivanka Trumpis getting called out for an apparentconflict between the way she conducts businessand the way sheadvocates for women’s empowerment.

The attention on Trump’s entrepreneurial ventures was sparked this time around by a long-form article byMatea Gold atthe, which took a deep dive into the practices of the Ivanka Trumpclothing company.

The article, published on Friday, July 14, drew a wave of reactions online, with the general theme highlighting a sense of hypocrisy from Trump.

The report found that a vast majority of clothes shippedunder Trump’s label are made in factories overseas, a fact which is at odds with President Donald Trump’s repeated calls for companies to Buy American,or, in other words,invest in American goods and employees.

Though Ivanka Trump’s company does not publicly disclose which factories produce the products she sells, the was able to track down the source of various shipments made for the company.

The newspaper then interviewed people from China, Indonesia, and Bangladesh who workat factories that have shipped Ivanka Trump products.

In its interviews, the found a pattern of allegations of abusive practices and low wages.

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A woman at the Yen Hing Leather Worksfactory in China told the ,

If you don’t work, other people will.If you protest, the company will ask the police to handle it. The owner is very rich. He can ask the police to come.

Trump executives told the its clothes are not produced at Yen Hing. However, a manager at another factory owned by the same parent company, Yen Sheng, told the it made Ivanka Trump products in the past.

President Trump has long responded to the idea of his businesspractices contradicting his family’s political messages by highlighting that, as a businessman, he only had an obligation to do what’s best for family’s company.

Still, the idea thatIvanka Trump profitsby doing business with manufacturing factories accused of exploitative practices does indeed conflict withideas which shehas written about in different publications.

In her recently released book, , Trump wrote,

As a leader and a mother, I feel it’s as much my responsibility to cultivate an environment that supports people and the roles we hold, both in our family and business lives as it is to post profits.One cannot suffer at the expense of the other they go hand in hand.

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Trump’s lawyer,Jamie Gorelick, told the that Trump’s company was concerned and expected reports of poor treatment of workers to be address.

In the meantime, people are calling out Ivanka Trump for notaddressing the issue sooner.

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