A Bunch Of Bizarre Trump Memorabilia Has Been Up For Auction Since The Election

Turns out, there’s a pretty steady market for Trumpmemorabilia on auction since the election, including all sorts of itemsrelatedto the president.As of Aug. 4, for example, an item up for auctionon eBay is asking $1,250 for a simple 8-by-10 autographed photoof President Donald Trump.Searching for autographed items on the popular auction site shows that’s not even the highest price.

These Trump items for salerun the gamut from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars.Some basic, run-of-the-mill items are fetching enormous sums on eBay and at other auctions. On the site, asigned hardcover copyof, a book co-written by Trump in 1990,was going for $20,000 as of Aug. 4.There’s plenty more to be found, with pricesranging from a few dollars up to thousands, for memorabilia bearing the president’ssignature.

In July, a sketch of the Manhattan skyline that Trump drewwent to auction, reports. Thesimple silhouette, signed in Trump’s unmistakable golden ink, fetched awhopping $29,000.

A set of golf clubs once owned by the president also went on auction in early July. Thebids startedat $9k, what called a staggeringly high price, and NewJersey.comreports that theysold for almost $30,000 dollars.

This is the classic tale of a napkin drawing going for thousands.But the luxury goods, perhaps the most iconic forTrump, are actually underperforming.

A Ferrari owned by Trump went on auction in Florida in April, and it didn’t do very well. reports that it actually undersold at auction, with final bids ending at$240,000, about $10,000 under estimate. The car eventually sold for a total $270,000 after auction, but that’s still shy of the $350,000 upper end estimate for the sale.

Furnishings from the Trump Taj Mahal, one of Trump’s real estate ventures in Atlantic City, went to auction in July, according to. The entire casino’s wares, from poker tables to used hotel beds, were up for biddingfollowing the sale of the failed casino to Hard Rock in March of this year.(That sale, by the way, went through for4 cents on the dollar, thereports.)

In the article, tweets by attendeesof the Trump Taj Mahal liquidationsale showed that some items were selling for less than $100, while others were listed for tens of thousands of dollars.

We’re not saying everyone is running out to go bid on a used chandelier from a former casino. But if you’re in the market, luxury items bearing some relation to the president are going for pretty cheap.

If, however, you’ve gotany autographed napkins or copies of lying around, now’s a good time to sell.

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