23 Powerful Photos From The RNC That Show How Divided America Is Right Now

The first day of the Republican National Convention was in many ways defined by massive protests flanked by an extraordinarily large police presence.

On Monday afternoon, a large anti-Trump protest marched through downtown Cleveland.

The diverse crowd of protestors chanted things like, “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA,” and carried signs highlighting their concern over a wide array of issues, from police violence and Islamophobia to immigration and wealth inequality.

We are clearly living in a very divided and contentious era in America, and Donald Trump’s incendiary and controversial presidential campaign has arguably only made things worse.

Standing among the protestors in Cleveland on Monday, the pain and anger they felt was very palpable.

Here are 23 powerful photos from the RNC that show how divided America is right now.

Cleveland feels like a police stateright now.Law enforcement is everywhere.

The protesters made it no secret they were deeply angered by Trump’s rhetoric surrounding immigration, refugees, Muslims, race relations and police violence, among other issues.

Black Lives Matter had a major presence at the RNC protests.

A lot of people at the protests just wanted to keep the peace, given there’s been far too much violence recently.

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